21 Savage recently played the role of supportive boyfriend, and hit up the third edition of girlfriend Amber Rose's SlutWalk. While the rapper's colorful choice of costume and self-proclamation of "hoe status" have drawn all matter of internet clowning, the Issa Album rapper is entirely unfazed by any of the hate. In fact, he recently took to Instagram to deliver a personal message to anyone who might feel some type of way. And, giving into his newfound acceptance of his latent "hoe" tendencies, he delivered the entire message while topless. 

"Ya'll need to get off a n*gga dick," says 21, with a smirk on his face. "Get off my dick. Get off my bitch dick too. SlutWalk was fun as a muthafucka." An offscreen Amber gets the last word in, closing out matters with a well timed "lil bitch."

Suffice it to say, 21 Savage is clearly comfortable with his decision to partake in the socially charged event, and you have to respect his commitment to his lady-friend. He's already made it clear that he might be in love, but he won't hesitate to revert back to Savage Mode on anyone disrespecting him or Amber to his face. Ultimately, 21 Savage seems to be in a pretty good place right now, and if everything continues to go smoothly, there's no doubt he will soon become a fixture in the SlutWalks to come.

If you haven't already, check out some of the pictures from the event right here, and remember, 21 Savage does not care about what you think. The rapper is still enjoying the success of his recent collaboration with Post Malone, the streaming juggernaut "Rockstar," which you can check out here