21 Savage is not down to get in the ring with 22 Savage, according to a video the rapper recently released. Although 22 Savage has been insisting that they settle their differences through boxing, 21 is putting his foot down.

The Savage Mode spitter thinks that 22 Savage is using him for fame, and he's not down to play into those mind games. Here's an excerpt from that video:

“Bitch ass niggas remind me of my baby mama, man. Y’all fuck niggas dying for attention like hoes. Get off a nigga dick! I ain’t finna make none of you broke, dusty crumb chasing ass niggas famous, man. Peon peasant ass niggas. I ain’t even gonna make a nigga famous, man. If I make a nigga famous, nigga gonna sign me.”

Check out 21 Savage's entire rant below. Were you hoping there'd be a 22 Savage 21 Savage boxing match? Do 21's words disappoint you? Let us know in the comments.