On Friday night, Young Thug shared a photo on his Instagram of him and Lil UZi Vert hanging out shopping together at what looked to be some high end fashion spot. Uzi had a glass of champagne by his side, while Thugger was flossing’ his cash with plenty of racks of clothes behind them. Both of the artists had some over the top smiles on their faces, looking like they were cheesin' pretty hard, and one particular rapper wasn't having it.

In the comments section of the photo, ATL Rapper 21 Savage decided to chime in and call the two gay.

“Y’all gay” 21 Savage left in the comments, to which many people were thinking the same thing. One person wrote, “@thuggerthugger1 this gay AF bro” while another person left “Surprised there wasn’t a picture at the end of y’all kissing.”

Thugger reportedly ended up deleting the comment by 21, but DJ Akademiks was able to grab a screen shot of it before it was removed. Check it out (below) and let us know what you think.