21 Savage has made millions off his menacing street raps, but that doesn't mean he's stupid. If anything, his harsh upbringing has given him great wisdom in how to survive when people are gunning for you; wisdom that he's kindly opted to pass on to his fans. 

In a recent Instagram Live session, 21 lets everybody know what his stance is if somebody comes up to him and tries to rob him of his jewelry, or anything else. 

"This shit ain't worth dying over," 21 says during the live stream. "Y'all protect yourself, and give it up."

The advice your mom probably gave you as a teenager, 21 Savage is imparting upon you now. If someone gets the drop on you and they have a weapon, it's better to just take the financial loss of losing whatever it is you have rather than risking it all and possibly losing your life in the process. 

"If a nigga got you down bad, and you aint got no weapon on you or no way to defend yourself, just give it up," 21 continues. "You ain't no lame if you give it up. Because if a nigga gets me down bad and he got a gun on me, I'm gonna give it up."

Of course, the whole point is to not let it get to that point in the first place. That might be why 21 Savage has taken steps to defend himself, or even a factor in why he decided to stop wearing jewelry.

Check out 21 Savage's sage advice down below.