The hip-hop community breathed a collective sigh of relief when it was announced that 21 Savage had been released from ICE custody. His arrest brings to light so many things that need to change in our immigration laws and now, it's even clearer that something needs to be done. TMZ is reporting that despite him being released from ICE, there are still many obstacles in his path and the biggest is none other than Donald Trump.

Apparently, the decision to arrest and deport 21 Savage was actually made months ago. When they came to that initial conclusion, they chose to keep 21 in custody until he could be deported. The reason for this is because they incorrectly believed that the rapper had a felony conviction, which ultimately turned out being false. When the conviction was released from his file, ICE in Washington D.C. reportedly ignored the fact, saying that 21 Savage should not be released from custody. 

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

As you all know by now, Savage has been allowed to go home and his new papers are being processed. However, Donald Trump changed immigration laws from the ones that Obama and Bush used. Trump's orders are reportedly to deport people who have a pending visa application, which was the case with 21 Savage. As we previously reported, the artist applied for a renewal of his U.S. citizenship in 2017 and it was still pending at the time of his arrest. 

It takes approximately 4 years for ICE to process visa applications so there is still a chance that 21 Savage gets deported. Hopefully, he gets to remain with his family in Atlanta.