A few weeks ago, we collectively got our hopes up when 21 Savage didn't drop his album. The project was rumored to be releasing on December 7 but when the clock turned midnight, it was nowhere to be found. Shortly after, the Atlanta rapper officially announced his actual release date, warning us all that December 21 would be a special day. There still isn't much known about I Am > I Was other than its release date and the cover art but now that people have entered Motel 21, hints have appeared about what the rapper will address in his lyrics.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

We all remember the moment Savage walked around Amber Rose's SlutWalk with a sign that read "I'm a hoe too." If you don't, please relive that amazing moment in history here. As Bossip walked through the remodeled motel, which was designed to promote themes in Savage's upcoming album, they noticed rooms filled with guns, bullets, strippers and, perhaps most notably, an actress writing love notes to the Atlanta artist. The publication notes that somebody sat in one of the rooms as she wrote notes to 21 Savage, even addressing some to his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose. One of them reads, "Attention A. Rose, MY man does not want you & he NEVER did. It was a publicity stunt. Stay Away!"

The event is meant to bring to life themes from I Am > I Was so it's pretty clear that the rapper's relationship with Amber will be brought up. Check out some photos here. Are you excited for this Friday?