21 Savage's music may not be for everyone, but it's hard to deny that he's an intelligent, real dude. In an interview with Genius, 21 Savage hit up an actual Blacksmith to take the meme to another level and literally craft a knife from scratch. It's actually a really insightful interview, and 21 Savage consistently drops some wisdom about his struggles and come up.

When asked about his sudden rise to fame, 21 Savage laughs and replies "all this shit trippin' me out! I'm a regular n*gga from the hood...I'm a regular dude. Drake? Future? Every artist I ever worked with, I'm a fan!"

He goes on to kick some real talk about the current state of music (around the eight minute mark) and urban-dictionaries "Trap" for the curious. If you're a fan, or simply looking to gain a bit more insight into 21 Savage, this interview is a good place to start.