Yesterday, Amber Rose hosted her third annual SlutWalk in Los Angeles. If you're unfamiliar with the cause, the event's mission statement is to essentially do away with the negative connotations of words like "slut," and "ho," in an attempt to remove the stigmas associated with female sexuality. While the public response to the SlutWalk has been divisive to say the least, Amber and her followers remain steadfast in their beliefs, holding signs proudly flaunting their self-admitted "ho" status.

Suffice it to say, the event drew numerous attendees, with many females showing up in various states of undress, including the notorious Blac Chyna. However, the highlight guest had to be Amber Rose's boyfriend 21 Savage, whose presence was immediately noted by the internet masses. The Issa Album rapper showed ample support to his lady friend's cause, even holding up a sign which read: "I'm A Ho Too." It's a bold move for a rapper who developed an cold and ruthless persona, but on the other hand, the man is in love, and you can't really hate on that. Still, the internet reaction to 21's involvement in the SlutWalk has led to a divided response - although there's no doubt many would dare say it to his face. 

The rapper's presence is a strong W for Amber's cause, and perhaps seeing someone like 21 supporting the movement will help bring a new audience of male awareness to the event. Come to think of it, it's a surprise that more men aren't hitting this up, considering the lax dress code and largely female attendee rate. So while you begin saving up for next year's flight to Los Angeles, check out some of 21 Savage's most memorable SlutWalk moments, including this gem, in which he and Amber channel a crime-fighting duo who looks to be operating somewhere out of France: