On the deluxe edition of Lil Uzi Vert's new album Eternal Atake, which was released earlier this year, the Philadelphia rapper included a record titled "Yessirskiii", which was a collaboration with 21 Savage. Ever since the release of the song, the slang term has been a staple of his vocabulary and, being the influence that he is, it has stuck with other rappers across the nation. 

This week, Lil Pump teased a song of the same name. Doe Boy also released a new banger called "Yessirski". While 21 Savage isn't taking aim at anybody in particular, the rapper clearly isn't fond of everybody stealing his sauce, sending out a new tweet about the nonsense he's witnessed.

"I need 50% of every song that come out with a yessirskiii hook," wrote the Atlanta rapper on Twitter. "Y’all getting outrageous with da biting I gotta get a rabies shot at dis point."

Savage addressed the situation with humor, and he seems to believe people are biting him and Lil Uzi, but do you think people will stop making "Yessirskiii" songs because of his request? Or should Savage get a rabies shot as a precaution?

With the release of his new album with Metro Boomin, titled Savage Mode 2, 21 Savage is looking locked into the #1 position, likely taking the spot from Machine Gun Kelly next week. Have you listened to it yet?