21 Savage is officially out of ICE's custody for the time being as he awaits his deportation trial. It was revealed yesterday that he posted bond and today, TMZ caught the rapper flying back to Atlanta on a private jet.

21 Savage and his mother Heather were spotted at a landing strip near the Southern Georgia detainment center the rapper was being detained at. The rapper's and his mother were seen grinning ear to ear, as they should be. The rapper was locked up for the past 10 days since his arrest on Super Bowl Sunday. The rapper's lawyer, Alex Spiro, said, "That's how we take people home when they win."

The rapper will reportedly be celebrating his release in Atlanta with friends and family.

While he's out on bond, the rapper still has a long way to go until this matter is settled completely. The rapper's team will be fighting hard to keep him in America. Unfortunately, the problem seems to be his 2014 conviction. The rapper pled guilty to felony drug charges. While the conviction was expunged last year and there isn't a felony on his record, it appears as if ICE is still looking at 21 as a felon. However, ICE hasn't given any information about 21's dealings. 

21 applied for his U-visa previously and he's been in America for the majority of his life. However, it seems as if ICE is still pushing for his deportation. 

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images