In the wake of Issa Album, 21 Savage continues his press run with a stop at The Breakfast Club. The Atlanta rapper opened up about his evolving sonic direction, claiming he "grew up," and tried to "find stuff that made [him] a better man." Conversation inevitably turned to his new relationship with Amber Rose, and Angela inquired if dating the "Slut Walk" founder opened him up to feminism.

"Music is music," replied Savage. "I'ma just pop my shit in my songs...In real life, I don't really disrespect women like that. I grew up with my mama, that's all I had. My mama always taught me to like, respect women but I mean...that's what people want to hear in music! They gon' keep paying me to say that shit, I'ma say it!"

He goes on to say that Amber has actually opened his eyes to different, more positive perspectives on societal double standards. For more from 21 Savage, check out the full interview below.