Since he was arrested by ICE earlier this year, 21 Savage has kept a relatively low profile. His usual online behaviour has shifted quite a bit. He no longer posts as much as he used to and he's seemingly living more in the moment. That doesn't mean that he won't clap back at somebody who wants to try him though. The Atlanta rapper has been easing himself back into the social media spotlight, singing classic R&B on his Instagram story just like old days. The video was reposted by The Shade Room and an influencer with nearly 5 million followers decided to get cheeky, implying that the artist looks like Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons. Savage was unimpressed with the comment, hitting back with his own insults.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

The Saint Laurent Don kept his mouth clean, shredding the commenter with a profanity-free response. "Aunty looking casket ready with all that surgery walking round looking like you drink embalming fluid," he wrote. If you scroll down this girl's page, every second post is an advertisement, which is actually pretty sad. 21 Savage did her justice though, clapping back in a civil yet absolutely lethal manner. She'll think twice before hitting him with shade in the future.

Despite his social inactivity, 21 Savage has confirmed that he's currently sitting on several albums of unreleased material. Whether or not he ever decides to release them is up to him.