21 Savage is one of the hardest dudes in the game. His street cred may have dwindled a little when he hilariously carried around the "I'm a hoe too" sign during his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose's SlutWalk but we all know not to mess with Savage. Something about his music has always seemed insanely authentic as he's claimed in the past to be rapping about what he's lived through. His life hasn't always been as luxurious as it is now as his tales detail him having a rough time out on the streets. Now that's he's made a few million dollars, he can comfortably keep his family safe but on his birthday, he wasn't immune to a little cake attack from his friends.

Turning 26-years-old yesterday, Savage hosted a little get together with his closest homies and they attempted to shove his face into the birthday cake that was placed on the table in front of him. He dodged the attack, seemingly reaching for a gun in his waistband as his first instinct. Before struggling for a little bit, he stood up and was constrained by his buds before the cake was brought to him and smacked right into his face. Unfortunately, a woman is blocking the camera as the act goes down but you can see the after effects as he wipes off some of the icing.

21 has been hard at work on his upcoming album, which should be out in the next few weeks. Happy birthday, Savage!