Though some were quick to write him off upon his arrival to the game, 21 Savage has since come to embody several respectable facets of artistry. For one, the young Atlanta rapper has revealed a notable sense of artistic growth, with recent drop I Am > I Was showcasing a noted sense of evolution in damn near every field. Not only that, but his conduct in interviews suggest a maturation process, which speaks to the nature of shifted priorities. And lastly, his business acumen appears to sharpen by the day, as evidenced by his latest Twitter boast.

"I own 100% of my masters," he wrote, over the weekend. Naturally, owning one's masters generally means more direct money, in the simplest terms. Should a label own of a piece of the pie, streaming residuals and revenue tend to be split amidst middle-men and middle-women. Yet with 21's current arrangement, his music will work for him, and him alone. In the music game, owning your masters feels like the quintessential money move.

The news comes on the heels of Chris Brown's historic deal with RCA, which made him one of the youngest artists to own their own masters. Iggy Azalearecently revealed she was in the same camp, and it's likely that more and more artists will begin to see the importance. Congratulations on 21 Savage, the rap game's quiet thought leader.