Last night, 21 Savage's first interview since being detained by ICE was previewed as he was set to speak out on Good Morning America this morning. His full statements aired today and in them, Savage speaks about what went down, also touching on everything leading to that point.

The Atlanta-raised rapper was targeted by immigration and customs enforcement when he was driving around on Super Bowl Sunday. When he got arrested, he allegedly heard the officers say "We got Savage," meaning that this likely was not just a regular traffic stop. While speaking with GMA, the artist explained why he never told the public that he wasn't actually born in the United States. "I wasn't hiding it," says Savage. "But it's like, I didn't want to get deported so I'm not finna just come out and be like 'by the way, I wasn't born here' to the world. I've been here 20 years. This is all I know." 

He goes on to say that people in his situation don't deserve to be locked up among murderers just for "being in the country." A few days before his arrest, his video for "A Lot" was released in which he speaks critically of immigration laws in the States. According to him, his lawyers believe that he was targeted after releasing that particular song. Watch the full segment below.