21 Savage's cryptic announcement yesterday sent the hip-hop community to the edge of their seats. Bloggers and media mavens were equally confused by the conspicuous nature of his social media posting. Was the cover art foreshadowing a single, his album, or none of the above? Well, it didn't take long for the facts to sort themselves out. 21 is indeed dropping an album, I Am > I Was, on December 21, about a week later than expected, or maybe even longer if you account for the "Octember" musing he pitched in the process.

If you visit 21 Savage's official webpage, you are met with a running count ending in the number 21. Once the "flash" media runs its course, you are brought directly to a virtual merch table, replete with items associated with the symbolic December 21st release date. The likes of which include: two separate t-shirts, one where 21 is pictured with his Joker-like grimace. 21 is also selling the digital album right on-site, a vinyl copy, a black satin jacket, "Savage" sweatpants, bracelets, flip flops, skateboard decks, keychains, stickers, hoodies, long sleeve shirts, and a baseball. You name he's got it, shout out to Gildan.

All the preorder items ship within 6-8 weeks - arrangements can be made right here