Atlanta's most stoic rapper, 21 Savage, is completely disinterested in who the greatest rapper is. 

One of the biggest parts of rap culture is arguing about who's the best. People argue about their top 5 MC's constantly, and if anyone at all claims that they're the "King of New York," the whole world goes bananas. It extends even to smaller discussions like who invented trap music or who is the real queen of rap? The discourse never ends.

Well, 21 is having no part of it. Last night he tweeted, "i didn’t come here to compete i came to eat. Miss me with all that greatest rapper shit i wanna be the richest leave me alone i’m in my own world." Rappers live through braggadocio, so for a popular rapper to be so completely uninterested in whether people consider him the best is a rare sight to see. 

That being said, it makes perfect sense that he'd feel this way. Most people's top 5 lists are reserved for older, technical rappers; your Jay Z's and your Eminem's and so forth. Modern generations of rappers have pulled away from this style somewhat, instead focusing on using different flows and creating unique personalities to set themselves apart. 

More likely, however, is that 21 probably got sick of backpacker kids on Twitter telling him that he had no bars, so he decided to put an end to that discussion once and for all. It's totally fine if you have 21 Savage on your list of the greatest rappers of all time, just don't bother telling him because he doesn't care.