21 Savage's appeal to his users on Instagram falls in line with a growing obsession with authenticity in rap. 21 isn't hitting at anyone in particular, rather he is playing right into their hands, they as in rap fans who'd much rather engage with a talking head than walk into danger themselves.

21 describes himself as a "Rap N**** but I ain't no Bitch," also inferring that he is but one of many rappers who resent this misunderstanding. Understandably he is not at the point of threatening a persona non grata. Elusive as it may seem, firing warning shots at an unspecified person is hardly going to embolden his claims of being a "real one."

21 goes on to describe a code in the streets which near never transfers over to the recording industry. He admits that he's had to curb certain tendencies in order to fit in, but that the real ones all seem to embody a set of character defining traits, himself included.

"N***** gotta stop thinking they tougher than anybody in the world" he adds. 21 has only begun to see his world view expand beyond these horizons, our unholy fascination with authenticity included.