Gone are the days where 21 Savage carries around "I'm A Hoe Too" signs at Amber Rose's Slutwalk. The couple officially broke up at the end of March and Amber still swoons over her ex every day, speaking about him in interviews and potentially referring to him when she said she was "waiting for someone." While the chances of the two getting back together are unclear, it appears as though 21's reasons to stay away have been revealed. After months of speculating why the two decided to split, reports are claiming that Amber cheated on the "Bank Account" rapper with one of his friends, leading to their break-up.

Celebrity Insider is writing that a cheating scandal could be in effect as Amber is rumored to have been with one of 21's friends during their relationship. The publication's source has stated, "Amber cheated on 21 with one of his friends. She feels horrible about it. That’s why she’s still the one in love while 21 is over her." With 21 switching up everything he stood for during their lovefest, it's surprising to hear about potential unfaithfulness on Amber's side, especially after she had publicly declared her love for the 25-year-old on numerous occasions. 

While the reports have not been confirmed by either party, Amber recently stated on her Instagram story that she is still very much in love with 21. Shutting down rumors that she was dating Lil Pump after they were spotted together at Rolling Loud, Amber looks to be fighting hard to win back the love of the "No Heart" rapper.