The main takeaway from 21 Savage's recent interview on the Rap Radar podcast was that the proudly independent "No Advance" rapper had finally signed a major label deal, opting to ink a contract with L.A. Reid and Epic Records. Though 21 is mostly business these days, he has managed to land in the gossip headlines as his stock has continued to blow up over the past couple of months. And the Rap Radar hosts asked him about his crush on Kylie Jenner, which caused the media to position him as an opponent to Tyga

21 chuckled upon being asked if he was still pursuing Kylie. "I don't know, man," he said. "She shot me down." 

He went on to explain that his online flirting was supposed to be all in good humor, but instead it got blown out of proportion by the blogs. "They made it seem like I was beefin' with Tyga, like I don't know Tyga," he said. "I ain't got no problem with Tyga." 

Despite him seemingly admitting that linking with Kylie isn't in his cards right now, he did reaffirm the promise he made that proliferated the drama in the first place. "She fine, though," he admitted. "And I'll tear her ass up, straight up. I ain't gon' lie." 

While 21 has conveyed that he doesn't want any beef, Tyga still has to feel some type of way about how the Atlanta trapper continues to speak about his young companion. How many times can a man let another man avow to tear up the ass of his significant other without issuing a retaliatory threat? 

Listen to 21 Savage's full Rap Radar interview here