21 Savage blew up in 2016, his songs reaching gold and platinum sales. So when TMZ caught up with him in New York, the Atlanta emcee was quick to claim himself as "the richest new rapper of the year."

The man who shot his shot at Kylie Jenner was posing for pictures and signing autographs for some of his youngest fans -- who claimed he's "the best rapper in the world." When cameras reached 21, he proclaimed his newfound wealth. Leaving Avianne & Co. in NYC Tuesday night, 21 showed off his new $200,000 watch and gold chains to the TMZ paparazzi.

Though, when asked what was on his rider for the upcoming ISSA tour, the Savage Mode rapper described a relatively sober list.

"Salads [...] Fiji water, steaks and shrimp, Alfredo pasta with shrimp, Playstation 4, 2K and Madden, and a bottle of Hennessy," he said. No doubt, this list will grow with time.