21 Savage just wrapped up his joint tour with Post Malone a few days a go. While we could only assume he’s back in the studio working on his next album, it’s safe to say he’s also taking some time to unwind. The road life can be quite strenuous to people so being home after a two month stretch calls for some much needed downtime. Like most people, playing games is a great way to relax and chill out and 21 Savage seems to be rocking with FIFA 18 a lot. He seems so confident in his skills that he’s challenged all rappers to play against him.

21 Savage is ready to take on any rapper in a game of FIFA 18. The rapper hit his Instagram story recently while he was playing FIFA on a plane. The first clip he shared was captioned, “who want smoke.” He followed that with a challenge to any rapper in the game who wants to see him in the video game.

“Who want smoke in FIFA?” He said, “Any of you rappers want smoke in FIFA, we playin’ FIFA right now in the G5. We could bet whatever you want.”

These days, most rappers seem to be heavily into the Fortnite wave so it’s unsure if anyone actually took 21 Savage up the challenge. Either way, we'd like to see someone step up the plate.