21 Savage is back again for the third year to host his annual Issa Back To School Drive, not far from where he was raised on Glenwood Road in Atlanta. This year's event comes in combination with his newly launched Leading By Example Foundation. "Giving back to where I grew up means a lot to me. These kids need it and I use to be one of those kids," 21 told Billboard. "Being able to see someone from where u from make it and come back and genuine give back will motivate these kids to do the same for their kids and the community."

The event takes place August 4th and 5th and will see 21 provide youth with backpacks, school supplies, haircuts, and uniforms for the upcoming school year. 

Earlier this week 21 opened up about his move to no longer wear and purchase jewellery as a way to inspire the youth to focus on business investments. He detailed how his past had some shady moments, but its made him who he is today. “I’ve always been a hustler. When I got something, I wanted to keep it. I didn’t wanna go back to having nothing,” he said.