Every thug needs a ride-or-die lady-- cue "Down Ass Bitch" by Ja Rule. This could certainly be a theme song for rapper 21 Savage and “How to Be a Bad Bitch” author Amber Rose. The couple first made their relationship official with a sweet video in which 21 professed “It’s so crazy how the world don’t really know how good of a person you are and how you love and nurture people,” back in July. Rumors of a relationship have followed the two around since at least June, though.

Since then, Savage, who cemented himself with a project called Savage Mode -- thus becoming known for his cold and ruthless persona-- has surprised fans by showing a more sensitive and, equally, a more romantic side to him. From Snapchats of him serenading Amber with “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys, heartfelt Instagram posts and photos of Rose flaunting a “blinged-out” promise ring it’s safe to call them relationship goals (if your goal is to be super lovey-dovey). Of course the Issa Album rapper will not tolerate any disrespect and might still “pull up” if you cross him, it’s clear that when it comes to his relationship with Amber, he'll do just about anything for his bae. Although the relationship was scoffed at first, as fans attempted to determine whether it was real or fake; a publicity stunt ahead of Issa or the tattoo-my-name-on-it real? It appears to be headed in the latter direction. Real love will have you doing things you’d never thought you’d do, or else, it'll have your favorite street rapper doing things you never thought your favorite street rapper would do. The couple, both with children from previous relationships, (Amber was married to rapper Wiz Khalifa, and they share a son named Sebastian) surprised the rap world when 21 Savage stood by his ultra-feminist and body positive girlfriend at her annual SlutWalk in LA over the weekend. The rapper joined Rose, sporting an “I’m a Hoe, Too” poster, and Twitter went bananas. Although his public support of Amber received mixed responses, his participation definitely brought more publicity to the walk (although, so did Blac Chyna's scantily clad outfit).

So, in honor of Amber and 21’s blossoming relationship, we have put together a piece highlighting their best moments shared on Instagram thus far-- also, their most "in-love" ones, so much so, you might just puke a little. It's okay, go 'head. 


This is where it all began.  


21 Savage confirms it's "for life," without getting too deep, while Amber gets hella deep


You know it's real when you let her paint your face.


21 Savage pulled out the emojis for this one.


The couple attened New York Fashion Week together, among other dates nights (Amber went particularly in on VMAs date night)



21 Savage serenades his boo during an Instagram Story  


He's down for the cause. 


Supporting each other.