Rappers from all over the United States are popping up, showing off their talents and making a name for themselves in their cities of choice. Whether it's Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles or Miami, there are young emcees repping each region. These are some of the main areas inhabited by rappers, or areas one would expect. However, there are more obscure places, such as North Carolina and Virginia that produce hard-hitting rappers who have the same, if not more, passion than the major city rappers. They may see themselves as having more to prove. One thing for sure is that all these young rappers have something promising to offer.

Some off these young rappers, who have been in the game since they were in their teens, like Vince Staples, Earl Sweatshirt and Casey Veggies are some of the seasoned emcees who have proved their slick rhymes are worth checking out and have gained a significant following over the years. However, while they’ve been on the scene a few years and received recognition, they still have more to prove.

While there are young veteran rappers on this list, there are also up-and-coming teen rappers, who still have time to fall into their place as rappers -- They still have time to choose what kind of rapper they want to be. Rappers such as Denzel Curry, Da$h, Nikko Lafre, Lucki Eck$ and Well$ are still considered rookies compared to some of the other dope older rappers on this list. Even though they’re still in their humble beginnings, it’s clear they have enough impressive chops, fans and popularity behind them to be chosen for this list.

Of course, there are several rappers not on this list, who are uploading their free mixtapes to the web, waiting to be discovered. Today in rap music there’s endless talent out there, but it can be tough for brilliant rappers to find the right marketing strategy to promote their music to a wider audience. Hopefully some of the more unknown artists you may have overlooked before will catch your eye and you’ll discover some worthwhile new music.