The 2018 Oscar nominations are upon of, which means plenty of people will fire of plenty of opinions. And while there are plenty of surprises in the mix, like the rare noms for genre pictures like Guillermo Del Toro's The Shape Of Water or Jordan Peele's Get Out, there are also some notable absences. Golden Globe Best Actor winner James Franco was nowhere to be found, leading many to believe his recent sexual misconduct accusations played a role in the snub. The Disaster Artist was also left off the Best Picture race, which led to many-a-raised-eyebrow from Franco, and more importantly, Tommy Wiseau fans.

Still, it's a good look for Jordan Peele and Get Out, and a big win for fans of the horror genre; it's about time movies other than biopics started getting recognized. And while plenty have been celebrating the seemingly progressive nomination list, remember - this is the internet we're talking about. Opinions are bound to fly, and fly they will. As everyone knows, we tend to look to the Twitter-verse for a quick gauge, as it tends to be the most effective means of measuring all those knee-jerk reactions. And while they hardly stand as representative of the greater population, the random musings of the online commentariat often prove entertaining. 

So, without further ado, check out what some of the internet's newest film critics (as well as some bonafide actors) have to say about the 2018 Oscar Nominations.