The NBA Draft is always a sartorial affair, where young sputniks run up their credit score on specially tailored suits. Of course, the impetus to spend inordinately is backed by a promise of a seven figure salary in their rookie season. NBA entry deals are nothing to scoff at anymore. That's why vets don't have any qualms about forcing first year players to carry their bags. Of all the Draft hopeful a few outfits really stood out, some for the wrong reason altogether. Let's kick off our recap on a positive note.

The Very Best

Wendell Carter, the Duke alum decided to match his Gucci/Nubian color scheme with those of his parents. The Chicago Bulls' pick made sure to make a distinguishable alteration to outfit by way of a shoulder wrap. I for one support his high-concentrate Gucci aesthetic.

Lonnie Walker takes home the award for tasteful elegance. Even his choice of wire-frame glasses evokes a different period of dastardly charm. The Spurs' pick gets high marks for rolling the dice on a double-breasted blazer.

The Very Worst

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, channeled a well known TV pundit (Don Cherry) or his grandmother's sofa with this nightmarish outfit. The point guard projects as a player with unquestioned perimeter defense, and a knack for wearing ugly duds.

But alas, they very worst outfit on Draft day could have remained a worst kept secret, had Kevin Knox not decided to show off the lining of his blazer. The New York Knicks' first rounder posed for this photo opportunity, divulging to the World, what he does in his spare time. Yep, that's a custom Fortnite jacket lining to go along with the plaid pattern he wore as a vest.