In celebration of the contribution hip-hop has made to fashion, HotNewHipHop will look at the 20 most fashionable rappers of all time through the decades, from the 1980s to the present, from shelltoe Adidas and gold chains, Coogi sweaters and shiny suits. From perfectly-angled fitteds to pink minks, Louis Vuitton Dons to Ice Creams and Chuck Taylors to Adidas with Wings. From Versace to Tommy Hilfiger and AKOO to BBC, LVRS to Aura Gold. 

Some of the rappers on this list were innovators, some were entrepreneurs, and some were sports fans whose passion became its own fashion statement in its own right. 

Some trends, like gold chains and snapbacks, have stood the test of time. Artists like Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa have added some modern touches to the old classics. Other trends, such as the shiny suit, didn't really stay around as long, but still have an important place within hip-hop's fashion history. They were very influential in a time where music videos were widening their budgets, and clothes were becoming more glamorous, nonetheless, we weren't exactly sad to see them go.

The rappers on this list aren't here simply because they have super dope style. That's a huge part of it, obviously. But these rappers are on this list because they understand that style is a state of mind and that's why all their fashion choices work as well as they do. On top of this, they often influenced trends within the genre. 

We'll begin in the '80s and count down the five most fashionable rappers of each decade, with an explanation for each, along with plenty of photos for you to reminisce about by-gone styles.