2 Chainz is one of the better known names in the rap game at the moment, enhancing his status as one of the biggest bosses in the industry with his current tour. Performing from a wheelchair after suffering a serious leg injury earlier this year, he continues to wow crowds with his impeccably mounted stage shows and his ability to spit some fire bars without even standing up. However, with that kind of profile comes the presence of some unwanted picture takers and, from time to time, his bodyguard(s) take appropriate measures. At the end of last week, one of Chainz's entourage stepped out of bounds and was booked by the cops.

According to Page Six, a member of the rapper's security team allegedly beat up a photographer who attempted to snap a quick picture of the Pretty Girls Like Trap Music star as he entered the 30 Rock complex for his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Police confirmed this story yesterday (October 29th), with the bodyguard in question identified as Rory Smith. The 47-year-old was eventually charged with misdemeanor assault.

2 Chainz was supposedly outside the West 50th Street entrance of NBC headquarters with his staff last Friday when the photographer, a 64-year-old man who remains unidentified, came up and started capturing some impromptu material. Smith didn't take kindly to this development and punched the freelance photographer in the face, a blow that knocked the man to the ground. The bodyguard took off after the punch landed, but he was later found by police and arrested. Thankfully, this scuffle didn't interfere with the emcee's TV spot, where he chatted with host Jimmy Fallon and performed a track off of his Pretty Girls album, even rising from the confines of his wheelchair at one point. You can check out the details from that Tonight Show appearance here.

For fans of the hair weave one, even more new music of his could be on the way in the near future. The rapper stated that he has a new album in the works, although no finite release date has been made public as of this writing. What collab would you want to see the most on a new 2 Chainz record? Let us know below.