Leave it to 2 Chainz to tease us about how a hit song might've been even better.

As per XXL, the Pretty Girls Like Trap Music rapper is claiming that he had a verse recorded for Rae Sremmurd's new banger, "Perplexing Pegasus," cut at the last minute by producer Mike Will Made It. Chainz offered up the story in an Instagram comment on one of Mike's photos. After fans saw this allegation come to light, they quickly asked Will Made It to either confirm or deny it to be true.

"Took my verse of Pegasus too, make sure you tellm that og killa gorilla," Tity Boi originally said under the photo's caption. "Lies," Mike Will responded. "Ur verse was never on there dog till 3 days prior to release, and I gave u the song the next day after we recorded it 3 months ago lol," he continued. "We made the Sremm fans wait long enough bruh, couldn’t keep em waiting OG Hair Weave Killa Gorilla, now since we keepn it a buck let the people know how u were sleep on Pegasus till the youth started talkn."

A terse shutdown from Mike to be sure, especially in the face of a rapper of 2 Chainz's magnitude, but fans still have a major hit brewing with "Pegasus." The track will supposedly be a part of Sremmlife 3, which is a release that has the vast majority of the hip-hop community getting hyped.

Check out the original Instagram post below.