2012 was a kind year to 2 Chainz, who made countless guest appearances on some of the biggest tracks of the year and his album Based on a T.R.U. Story outlasted nearly every other hip hop album on the charts. In a recent interview withDJ Drama, Tityboi talked about his upcoming projects and says fans can expect a new club-friendly single before the end of the year, and said his next album is completed so he will begin dropping tracks off of it soon. 

Drama made mention of hearing some of the tracks that Chainz has waiting to be released, and the rapper confirmed that he has a big track queued up for those that like club music.  "I'm gonna give you something before the year...I'm gonna put a song out...it's a club banger," the ATL native added, "I'm just trying to figure out when's a good time to put it out." 

Talking about his next album, 2 Chainz said that everything is prepared, and he had a big hand in this project, "I got everything together...I know what kinda music I want to make."  He talked about arranging the album, and reveals that there are 14 new tracks on the project, "I even arranged my album...through 1 through 14." 

Fans can expect 2 Chainz to continue his prolific pace and make multiple features, as this recipe seemed to pay direct dividends on his last album.