Oftentimes, the best musical works are inspired by songs that came before them. Artists love to take elements of a particular beat or mix and implement the changes to their own music. You know what they say: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. While some react with joy that their music influenced another artist to create something great, others want their due credit if it's not handed to them. When it comes to this instance, TeeFLii, 2 Chainz, and DJ Mustard are being sued for allegedly ripping off a track from 1993, simply slowing down the beat to end up with "24 Hours."

According to TMZ, the trio is facing a lawsuit from Robin S., claiming that her track "Back It Up" and Chainz' collaboration with TeeFLii are nearly identical. Court documents state that "Back It Up" is an uptempo song while "24 Hours" features a slowed down beat and slight modifications. The track was TeeFLii's debut single, produced by DJ Mustard.

The songs definitely sound similar. Whether or not it's a direct rip-off will be determined during the legal battle but for now, things aren't looking strong for Mustard & Co. The songwriters of 1993's "Back It Up" are asking for over $10 million in damages.