Pimp C's mother, Mama Wes, passed away almost exactly a month ago, and it left a mark on the hip-hop community who knew her so well. 2 Chainz counts himself among them, although he didn't know the late Pimp C that well, he considered Mama Wes a parental figure.

While heading to his album signing for B.O.A.T.S. II: #METime in Queens, New York, Tity Boi touched on losing Pimp C's mother, and how it affected him."That was a bit much for me," 2 Chainz said, explaining that he lost his father as well. "I just lost my father like a year ago and Mama Wes was like a parental figure for me, as far as being someone I talked to. Of course, she had been in the game a long time rockin' with Pimp. I ain't really know Pimp that well. I only met Pimp once. I know Bun B well."

The rapper continued, "But yeah, Mama C passed. I went to the hospital the day she passed. So I did make it to talk to her. I gave her a kiss on her cheek and forehead. I told her I loved her. I think it was a Sunday [when] she passed. I actually talked to her Saturday morning or Friday night. That was a sad event for me. I couldn't make it to the funeral but I talked to the family."

Peep the interview footage below.