2 Chainz' album officially drops in four days, and the rapper caught up with Rap-Up to talk about the Def Jam debut and also spoke on two of his songs off Based On A T.R.U. Story: "Birthday Song" with Yeezy and "I Luv Dem Strippers," featuring a familiar collaborator, Nicki Minaj.

The ATL rapper, who recently shot a "nasty" video with Nicki, says, "That song ["I Luv Dem Strippers"] is just a natural organic song for anybody from my region. We’re slightly infested with strip clubs, but it’s a beautiful thing when you learn the art of it as far as the pole tricks and things like that."

Of his "Birthday Song" single, 2 Chainz said Kanye was down as soon as he heard it, "It was an idea I had. He heard it. Of course he felt like he got that present already," said 2 Chainz. They also shot a video for the single, which 2 Chainz describes as "left field."

He also elaborated on a previous comment when he referred to artists who remix other people's songs as "lazy."  "I just think we should make more original compositions, so we can keep music moving forward," Tity Boi said. "When 10 people do the same song, I don’t know how you can say who’s the best. After so many people do it, who really cares which one was the best song when it came from someone else’s original idea."