Although he has been in the seen for awhile, 2012 was the breakout year for 2 Chainz, whose first solo LP Based On A T.R.U. Story over performed on the charts, thanks to jumping on an innumerable number of tracks.  While at this year's Grammys, Tity Boi talks about his next album, and was quiet on details but did reveal a recent track he recorded with Pharrell.  He also talked about his Grammy nom, and says as his first official album he was glad to just get the recognition.  

On the red carpet, the ATL rapper mentioned he had recently recorded with the Neptunes producer, "I was in the studio 5 o'clock this morning, me and Pharrell did a banger."  Altphough that was one of the few details he was willing to give up on his upcoming project, "I believe in keeping secrets. That's what made me like hip-hop — the features, the video, the art, the culture — so I didn't really want to give that knowledge up because I know people that see it coming."  Chainz also says fans can expect some unique features, "I'm just working with a lot of different people that you won't expect."

Although he did not take home the hardware, the rapper was more than happy just to be in the same category as some of the biggest names in hip hop, "Just for me to be nominated with those group of guys — this is my first album, and so I don't plan on winning, that's just me."