2 Chainz gave us one of the greatest late night performances of 2017 when he brought the Trap Choir out for a rendition of "Good Drank" in February. In a return to Fallon Friday night, Chainz gave another memorable performance, sharing the stage with Travis Scott for "4AM," a track from his new album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. After breaking his leg earlier this year, Chainz decided to refrain from canceling his tour in favor of touring in a wheelchair. The pink two-wheeler, which matches the rapper's album cover, made its first appearance on the late night stage Friday, and while Chainz was able to work the crowd while seated, he also proved he's in the recovery process, standing for the final verse of the track. Naturally, Travis, who donned a Houston Astros cap in support of his home team, made good use of the stage to make up for Chainz' lack of mobility.

From the looks of it, Chainz has been pulling the stand-up move at recent shows. He posted a picture of himself standing at show just yesterday with a promising caption, "This the only pic , that Im going to post from last nite ! Just know ! 💪🏿!!🏃🏿soon come."

Just before the late night performance, Chainz joined Fallon on the couch to talk about his tour and his upcoming VICELAND show MOST EXPENSIVEST (based on GQ's Most Expensivest Shit). He brought his dog Trappy along for the interview, who began to fall asleep during the conversation. Chainz joked that the dog had "heard this story before."

We recently spoke to 2 Chainz' personal photographer Joe Moore, who documented the rapper on his wheelchair-bound tour this year. "He's an animated person. He's an animated artist," he said. "So him being in the wheelchair wasn't hard to catch photos of. It was an actual concert, they put on a show, so it really wasn't hard to catch photos of him in the wheelchair. I tell people all the time, there wasn't anything different as far as taking photos of him that tour except for the fact that he had to sit in a wheelchair."

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