Walmart must have thought they were really clever with their latest holiday sweater that shows Santa Claus throwin' a dab, but little did they know - or maybe they did know -  it's already been done.

Back in 2015 2 Chainz came out with a dabbin' Santa sweater that was accompanied by an app of the same name. His popular "ugly Christmas sweater" gave him $2 million in sales revenue and lead him to design more, where a large portion of sales goes to his T.R.U. Foundation that supports homeless veterans, disabled children and arts education programs.

In Chainz's latest Instagram post he calls out the popular retail giant for selling holiday sweaters with the exact same design. He captions a screenshot of the sweaters for sale on the store's website saying, "Oooh nooo someone please tell Walmart that they didn't get permission to use this patent or likeness in anyway. We use this sweater this time of year to spread togetherness and also give back to those who are less fortunate or not able to provide for their families at the time 🙏🏿...That being said it's gone be a Jolly Holly Xmas."

Check out the post below.