When your name is 2 Chainz, you've got to have your jewelry game on point. It's only right. While he started out in music as Tity Boi, the Atlanta native transitioned to 2 Chainz as somewhat of a natural change. According to him, it just happened and one day, he started going by 2 Chainz in public. Having just released his new album Rap Or Go To The League, the rapper has a lot to celebrate these days. He sat down with GQ for their popular On The Rocks segment, going through his collection of watches, chains, rings and more for our viewing pleasure.

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

The artist has been known to wear more than two chains at a time, contradicting his moniker but looking fresh while doing so. He went through a portion of his diamonds on camera, explaining that he sleeps with his chains on and hits the gym with his bracelets. He explains that it's just too difficult to take all your jewelry off sometimes, which is a feeling that I am absolutely unfamiliar with. Chainz admitted that he was not prepared for the shoot, only bringing a small number of pieces that he likes to travel with: his "Trap" necklace, a "TRU" logo, a Jesus piece, a selection of Cuban links, and more. 

If you've ever wondered what Tity Boi's favorite piece is, it's one that he rarely takes out, showing a portrait of his kids. Right now, he's waiting on a Rap Or Go To The League chain and another dedication to his son. Watch the video below.