2 Chainz has been running in the independent game for some time now. The artist who formerly performed under the "Tity Boi" moniker, is a decade deep into the music industry. Although the rapper most likely had to learn a large part of his career lessons on his own, he is generous enough to offer some wisdom to the individuals of his fanbase who are interested in making it big.

The message came in the form of an Instagram post. The text snapshot sums up the reality check he wishes to share: "Erybody wanna rap til the[y] find out they got to spend a lil money."

The concept is expanded in the caption 2Chainz attached to his upload. He starts by enumerating some of the elements of music production that requires funding.

"Studio time , mixing , mastering paying the producers , shit that’s if you flop or not . Truth be told I spent my last 40k on “ Spend it” video .. I was an independent artist ... I had shows booked but I was trying to stack !!!ya feel me ......"

Then, he makes sure to insist upon the fact that aspiring artists need to rely on themselves to raise the required capital.

"@streetexecstek was like we need 40/50k to get this video shot haha bru couldn’t find me for two days ! Ps : moral of the story is you have to believe in yourself." 


Costs may vary depending on the artist's esthetic, especially considering all the new technology this generation has access to. Still, the concept remains: invest in yourself before expecting anyone to do so for you.