2 Chainz isn't phased by recent complaints about his "TRAP" house in Atlanta.

Local businesses who are stationed nearby are complaining about a lack of parking due to the insane amount of people visiting Chainz's eye-catching piece of property. Speaking of property, it's privately owned, so there's nothing police can do about the house itself, but they did tow away an all-pink "TRAP" car yesterday, a move that hasn't seemed to bother the rapper.

Yesterday, 2 Chainz posted an Instagram photo of his response to the car-less area in front of the "TRAP" house: a yellow Lamborghini. He captioned the picture with, "Here you go try not to f*** this one up guys okay 🌸🏚😜." No word on whether the car will stay long-term, but it's definitely a statement of defiance from the Pretty Girls Like Trap Music emcee. 

Check out his Instagram post below.