2 Chainz made it very clear that he and aspiring rapper, Lil Quii, are just business associates, after he was caught leaving a comment on of her especially racy Instagram posts. For as long as most folks can remember, 2 Chainz has been spoken for. Though he and his wife, Kesha Ward, just tied the knot in 2018, their relationship spans many years, and they even have three children together.

2 Chainz Lil Quii Kesha Ward address clarify cheating thirst commentParas Griffin/Getty Images for Tyler Perry Studios

While it may be widely known that they are one of the happiest couples in the game, 2 Chainz got himself into a bit of a pickle when he was exposed by a random Instagram user for commenting on a post of up-and-coming rapper, Lil Quii. 2 Chainz was floored by Quii's photos of her posing in her underwear, commenting ""Gullll" with the wide-eyed, surprised face emoji and the monkey covering its eyes emoji. He got called out shortly after when a user replied to his comment, writing, "N*gga you married," and the whole interaction was captured by The Shade Room.

However, the rapper insists that it's not what it looks like. A few hours alter, he posted a screenshot of his text conversation with Quii and further explained the whole situation, even though he "hate[s] to explain sh*t." His and Quii's text exchange begins with a past request for him to assist her with developing looks for an upcoming video shoot. Fast forward to Wednesday, he texted her about how everyone was making a big deal about his comment on her post.

"Just saw shade room sh*t" he wrote to her, along with an angry face emoji. "Yeaaaaaa like wttffffff," she replied, followed by, "Folks be reaching bra they tripping on god." In the caption, he explained, "Y’all keep hitting me up about that lame ass Sh*t @theshaderoom posted about me and @customizeeme we been working on her project and working on getting her out her current deal , now that I explained that and I HATE TO EXPLAIN SH*T !! But when Kesha had folks calling her and talking sh*t had to straighten it !! A bunch lonely , jealous , no having ass hoes. !!" Well, there you have it: just a business relationship, nothing more, nothing less. We look forward to hearing what the two of them are cooking up in the studio, though.