You better keep the sanitizer on deck because coronavirus is out here and it's spreading like wildfire. As the death toll continues to rise across the world, new cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus) continue to be reported in the United States, with Georgia becoming the latest state affected. While only two people have been infected with the virus in Georgia, that's enough for everyone to start freaking out. The two individuals were returning home from a trip to Italy, which has been struck hard, and are currently in home isolation with minimal symptoms. That didn't stop 2 Chainz from lashing out though. 

"Mannnnn, yal done brought that shit to Wakanda," wrote the rapper on Instagram. His response earned a comment from fellow Georgia resident T.I., who wrote, "U buuullshittin."

2 Chainz Coronavirus
Rich Fury/Getty Images

Unfortunately, 2 Chainz was not capping about this. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Governor Brian Kemp confirmed the two cases and noted that they were prepared for this to happen.

"Georgians should remain calm," said Kemp. "We were ready for today. We’re preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. This is not something we’re just now thinking about."

Are you afraid about the growing risk of coronavirus? It's definitely pretty fear-inducing, if you ask me.