2 Chainz just released his new studio album So Help Me God!, which features the single "Quarantine Thick" with Mulatto. The song has been performing well with fans, who have been loving re-watching footage from the duo's performance of the track at the release party. One moment, in particular, is standing out to some people, including Chainz himself, as he remembers the fun night.

"Loook at my face," wrote 2 Chainz on Instagram, adding a mind-blown emoji and a laughing emoji in his caption. The video shows Mulatto dropping it low in a sensual dance. At first, Chainz didn't even realize what was happening on stage but, when he spotted Mulatto getting into it, his entire face shifted to a quizzical look. He hit a subtle head-tilt, seemingly asking himself, "damn, why is she doing all that?" before proceeding to look around to see if anything else was as confused as he was.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

The moment that sparked his reaction came when Mulatto dangled the microphone above her face, taking a break from the song and explicitly using it as a prop.

In the comments, people have been laughing with "Uncle Toni", while others are wondering what his wife would think about this. 2 Chainz invited them to hit up his spouse, even offering to pass out her number.

How would you react if you were on stage with Mulatto when she started doing this? Similarly to 2 Chainz?