After a year of anticipation, 2 Chainz finally released his new album Rap Or Go To The League. Working closely with LeBron James on the curation of the project, Tity Boi's new album was one of the most exciting works to have dropped last night. Many members of the hip-hop community gravitated to Rap Or Go To The League first out of last night's choices and, for the most part, people left extremely satisfied. 2 Chainz is easily one of the most consistent rappers out there, delivering so much quality music over the course of his career. His new album is no different.

Using unique samples and bringing forth plenty of high-profile guest features, 2 Chainz officially has another one on his hands. Obviously, not everybody loves the project but at the time of publication, it's a hit with most HNHH readers. ROGTTL is sitting comfortably at a 92% approval rating with many of you posting your favorite tracks in the comments. Generally, people were not too impressed with Kendrick Lamar's contribution to the album. The opposite can be said about Lil Wayne, who has been getting tons of praise from you guys. 

Twitter seems to collectively agree that Chainz killed this one, spitting over unorthodox beats and proving to still be a versatile artist this far into his career. Take a look at some of the best (and worst) reactions to Rap Or Go To The League below.