While a legend in his own right, it's fair to say that 2 Chainz has improved with every project. His last album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, was one of his strongest thus far, and it seems as if he's been delivering nothing but heat for a minute. In other words, the Tity Boi has become a Tity Man. 

Now, with his upcoming album Rap Or Go To The League set to arrive in the imminent future, 2 Chainz has officially entered the early stages rollout mode. Of course, that generally consists of previewing snippets on Instagram; in that regard, Chainz sticks to the script. Today, 2 Chainz has posted a clip of a studio session, where he vibes out, blunt in mouth. In the background, a stop-and-start banger fills the air, which finds 2 Chainz employing a laid back flow. 

It should be noted that he previously teased snippets from The Play Don't Care Who Makes It a short while before dropping the project. Perhaps a pattern has emerged, and 2 Chainz will be looking to join the ranks of June releases. After all, Pretty Girls dropped in June last year, and the summer could always benefit from some new 2 Chainz. Check out the snippet below. It already sounds like it's going to be a banger.