Every family has their differences. While some people might get along with their family better than others, there's still a bond between close family members that is very hard to break. What better way to celebrate this bond by buying matching Rolex watches for you and your whole family?

That's exactly what 2 Chainz decided to do. In a video posted to his Instagram Story, 2 Chainz shows up his icy wrist, and his wife's icy wrist, and his three kids icy wrists. Each member of the family comes through in the photo with the same matching Rolex watch.

2 Chainz also gives out some valuable advice for anyone getting ready to start a family of their own: "A family that's wears role together flex together." A truly inspiring message, and an important lesson to anyone thinking it'd be a good idea to try and flex on their own kids.

2 Chainz has never been shy about proclaiming his family man status. He famously proposed to his then-girlfriend, Kesha Ward, at the 2018 Met Gala. The two of them already have three children together, two daughters and a son. Speaking of daughters, he also showed off his daughter's rap skills, where she's already starting to get a hang of being a famous rapper. He's also been known to bless out his mom on Mother's Day or for any other reason.

With Father's Day coming up, 2 Chainz is making it a point to be the best dad he can be. Check out the family Rolexes down below.