2 Chainz continues to make the press rounds, and the Pretty Girls Like Trap Music rapper recently chopped it up with Charlamagne, Angela & Envy over at the Breakfast Club. In usual Breakfast Club fashion, the interview covered a variety of topics, with plenty of insight and laughs throughout. The conversation inevitably turned to the Nicki Minaj & Remy Ma beef, into which 2 Chainz has found himself unwittingly dragged. 

"I already had Nicki's number, and I reached out and asked can I send you somethin'," said 2 Chainz, who was looking to add a female presence to his album. Originally, 2 Chainz wanted her to lay down a hook, but Minaj ended up delivering more than expected. "She was done in like two days...When I got there, she had a verse." 

After catching the Remy diss, 2 Chainz felt he was caught in a tricky situation. He also expressed some frustration over how it all went down. "Ain't nobody talkin' about my verse, and I snapped!" says 2 Chainz. "What the hell is the problem, why ya'll trippin'? This my song, I'm rapping my ass off...I know it's just some girl stuff, that hopefully, I hope they can work out."

For more from 2 Chainz, including why Ludacris owes him $15K, check the full video below.