2 Chainz' debut album Based On A T.R.U. Story is still managing to chart and move units, but he's already starting to work on a sophomore effort.

While talking to MTV News, the Hair Weave Killa revealed he has three songs already recorded for a sophomore LP. He also reveals he's hoping to get the album finished by April of 2013.

"I'm trying to turn in my album by April of next year," 2 Chainz said. "It won't come out then but I'm at least trying to turn it in and set up for more tours because we enjoy doing live shows, so be looking out for more of that from the crew." 

There is at least one feature on the three songs already recorded, although 2 Chainz wouldn't mention any names."I have three songs already recorded and I have one feature on the song," he revealed. "I don't wanna put that out [yet]; you gotta wait, but it's dope."

Are you guys ready for another 2 Chainz album?