There's a real life Black Santa rolling around and his name's 2 Chainz. A 55-year-old mother of three was overjoyed when she saw Dabbin' Santa at her doorstep with a wheelchair accessible van. She has been driving her paralyzed daughter to the doctor's in a regular old van for 27 years. 2 Chainz celebrated her dedication to her child when he rolled up through the woods just to meet her and thank her. 

In the video we listen to her story, on how difficult it's been to take care of her daughter in her situation. She cries in Deuces' arms as she thanks him for his generosity.

The Atlanta rapper has done a lot through his T.R.U. Foundation to help people in his community. Just a few days ago he sold a specialty gold and diamond-encrusted ugly Christmas sweater for $90,000. All the proceeds went to charity.