2 Chainz was one of the first restaurant owners in Atlanta to re-open his space for dine-in service, announcing weeks ago that Escobar Restaurant and Tapas would be back in business after Governor Brian Kemp's controversial decision to re-open non-essential businesses earlier than other states. On Memorial Day Weekend, a party was held at the location and, once police officers traveled by, they noticed that there was a blatant disrespect of COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. People were packed into the space and hookah was being shared, with bottle service also being offered. 

The restaurant was shut down and clients were asked to leave. Despite the closure for the night, 2 Chainz wants everybody to know that he is still in business, sending a driver to get him some grub just last night for dinner.

"Just sent my driver to @escobaratlanta to pick up a kale salad with grill shrimp and two broccolis for me," said the rapper on Instagram. His post itself was less pleasant in tone though as he fought back against media outlets continuing to report the closure of his restaurant.

"Still reporting Escobar been closed," he wrote. "That was on Sunday! Today is Wednesday can yall find something else to report and get off @2chainz nuttz!"

Hopefully, there are no further issues at the restaurant as they look to comply with federal rules and regulations for COVID-19.